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NEW -  "The Desert Princess" our newest comic, in the new format (5 high quality panels + script +

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"The Night Rose 4"  is avaliable!

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new series: "Akai Ken". Volume 0 - Prologue is avaliable for a promotional price.

The Great Tournament Volume 3 is released! Finally the story has reached the middle point.

 The Night Rose Volume 3 released! Check it at our store! More

regular updates will follow.

The Night rose Volume 2 released! Check it at our store!

The Night Rose Volume 1 is already avaliable! Check it at our store!

Finally we are online! Welcome to Over Reality Comics! We offer a vast library of 3d original comics, from the classical superheroes stories to fighting comics and fantastic adventures.

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We offer a vast library of 3D original comics for all tastes. From the classical superhero comics, to fighting stories and fantastic adventures.

Also, make sure before applying the human hair extensions uk that the surface of your hair is soft and tight and the scalp skin is clean and free of oil residue. Use a scalp protector or human hair extensions to clean your scalp area. Never use cotton or cotton swabs to clean the scalp as cotton can sometimes leave strands of fiber on your lace front wigs. Firstly, read the instructions of the manufacturer carefully and ensure that you have all the necessary items needed for applying the wig. Put your full lace wigs into a braid or ponytail or wrap or pin-curl it for the smooth fixing of the wig. If you want, you can wear lace front wigs uk over your hair to protect it against the liquid adhesive. Place your full lace wig on your head and using an eyebrow pencil mark the outline of the wig hairline on your forehead.