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NEW -  "The Desert Princess" our newest comic, in the new format (5 high quality panels + script +

character cards), is avaliable for a special price!

"The Night Rose 4"  is avaliable!

Dont forget to check our previews at our DeviantArt.

And don´t forget, being our patron at our Patreon page you will receive exclusive material and also

will be able to choose the direction of the story in exclusive comics.

new series: "Akai Ken". Volume 0 - Prologue is avaliable for a promotional price.

The Great Tournament Volume 3 is released! Finally the story has reached the middle point.

 The Night Rose Volume 3 released! Check it at our store! More

regular updates will follow.

The Night rose Volume 2 released! Check it at our store!

The Night Rose Volume 1 is already avaliable! Check it at our store!

Finally we are online! Welcome to Over Reality Comics! We offer a vast library of 3d original comics, from the classical superheroes stories to fighting comics and fantastic adventures.

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We offer a vast library of 3D original comics for all tastes. From the classical superhero comics, to fighting stories and fantastic adventures.